ParentLink WarmLine

What is the ParentLink WarmLine? 

ParentLink’s WarmLine is your direct access to family strengthening information and support:

  • Visit with professionals who can assist you in thinking through solutions to your parenting concerns. WarmLine professionals have their Masters Degrees in human service fields such as Human Development and Family Studies, Social Work, and Education and Counseling Psychology. 
  • Access sound parenting information. ParentLink’s loan service has over 1,000 different titles of parenting materials such as books, curricula, audiotapes, and videotapes.
  • Obtain community service and other resource information.

How do I contact the ParentLink WarmLine? 

  • If you are a Missouri resident, call 1-800-552-8522 or to call locally: 573-882-7321. Parentlink now uses Language Select to answer calls from families and providers who speak any language.
  • Email us at
  • Send us a Text at 585-FAMILY1
  • Message us on Facebook: search for ParentLink WarmLine
  • Submit a question online
  • Or come visit us at 4800 Santana Circle, Columbia, MO 65203

Who uses the ParentLink WarmLine? 

  • Parents (including adoptive and foster parents), grandparents, and other caregivers of all ages of children use ParentLink’s WarmLine.  
  • Friends, family members, volunteers, and a variety of professionals who want to assist a parent.
  • People looking for help making healthy family decisions.
  • People searching for answers to parenting questions ranging from general development questions, such as questions about thumb sucking, toilet training, picky eating, or language development to questions about specific developmental disabilities or special healthcare needs. Many call about adolescent development, discipline and stress management as well.

When is the WarmLine available?

The WarmLine is available 8:00am to 10:00pm Monday through Friday and 12pm-5pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Phone, text, Facebook, or email messages may be left before and after hours.

Why is there a WarmLine?

ParentLink’s WarmLine exists to assist parents, other caregivers, and providers to help strengthen families.