Support for Military Families

Healthy Parenting Toolkit:

At ParentLink, we've created a healthy parenting toolkit to help you talk about deployment, relocation, dangerous work, times of crisis, and other general parenting topics.

Below are the materials created for this toolkit. These are provided free of charge and are available on our website for download or you can contact the WarmLine for copies or submit an online request.

What is “Step Into Your Child’s World”?

Step Into Your Child’s World is a user-friendly tool kit, full of healthy parenting information for military families with children, ages 0-10. The materials have been written to inform parents about topics related to parenting in the context of deployment, relocation, and dangerous work. The kit also provides general parenting information. Available materials range from pass-along cards, bookmarks, and postcards to checklists, fact sheets, and Q&A informational sheets to children's books.

What is the goal of this project?

The goal of this project is to help parents in military families to increase their parenting effectiveness by applying strategies as a result of “stepping into their child’s world and seeing things from their children’s point of view.”

Healthy Parenting Toolkit Downloadable Materials (by topic):

Deployment Factsheets

Relocation Factsheets

Homefront Parent Factsheets



Pass-Along Cards