Websites Especially for Adolescents

Stay Teen

A website for teens from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.  The site includes information, videos, and games for teens addressing topics such as teen pregnancy, relationships, birth control, STIs, and dating abuse.

Pause Pause, a partnership between the Kaiser Family Foundation and Fox Networks Group

A website for teens with information about body, mind, and relationships for young people

Your Life Your Voice Your Life Your Voice

A website from the Boys Town National Hotline for children and teens. The website has facts and information as well as a form to submit a question to a counselor.

Sex Etc Sex, Etc.

Produced by Rutgers University, this website contains medically accurate information about sex and sexuality, as well as resources for STI/HIV testing, contraceptives, information about state regulations on teen sexual health care access, etc. Includes topics such as sex, love and relationships, LGBTQ issues, abortion and adoption, abuse and violence, body image, and alcohol and drug abuse, as well as comics, quizzes, FAQs, and a crisis hotline. This website is geared towards teens, but would also be a great resource for parents.

Bedsider Bedsider

Produced by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, this website has information about birth control options. Includes medically accurate information about birth control methods & their side effects, where to obtain birth control, news about access and state regulation information. Includes helpful tools to manage your fertility, including the birth control reminder application, appointment reminder application, and a “best fit” birth control method selector. Geared towards teens, but also helpful for parents.

Seriously Sexuality Seriously Sexuality: Talk About Sex

A website sponsored by Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) containing medically accurate information. Include definitions of sex and sexuality, information about basic biology, how STIs and HIV are spread, contraceptives, sexual rights, gender identity and sexual orientation, relationships and communication with a partner, and sexual abuse. Geared towards teens and parents.

Talking With Your Parents About Sex Talking With Your Parents About Sex

From Planned Parenthood, this website presents information for teens on starting the conversation about sex with their parents.

Scenarios USA Scenarios USA, A website with videos created by teens about sexual health.

Scarleteen Scarleteen, a website with general sexuality education for teens.

I wanna know I Wanna Know!, from the Americal Social Health Association.  Presents information about various STDs.

Youth Resource Youth Resource, from Advocates for Youth.  A website by and for LBGTQ youth with information about sexual health.