Teen Dating Violence

Teen Dating Violence Facts Teen Dating Violence Facts (National Teen Dating Violence Prevention Initiative)

This fact sheet provides information about teen dating violence, including prevalence statistics and risk factors.

Dating Violence 101 Dating Violence 101 (Break the Cycle)

This website includes interactive tools to show patterns of abuse and escalation in dating violence. Includes a list of warning signs of abuse and a section called, "What Does Dating Violence Look Like?"

Love is Respect Love is Respect (National Partnership to End Dating Abuse)

This website helps define what dating violence is and is not. It includes quizzes about dating violence and coercion, as well as information about healthy relationships and dating basics, as well as resources for support systems and crisis hotlines.

Talking To Your Teen About Dating Violence Talking to Your Teen About Dating Violence (Break the Cycle)

A guide for parents on how to start the conversation about dating violence with their teen.