Talking With Your Teen About Development and Safe Sex

Tools for parents Tools for Parents

Information from Planned Parenthood with tools to help parents get started talking to their kids about sex and sexuality.

Are you an askable parent Are You An Askable Parent?

This handout, Advocates for Youth, is geared towards parents who are interested in engaging their children in conversations about sex and sexuality. It includes a step-by-step list of actions that a parent can take in order to feel more comfortable with and be prepared for sex-related questions from youth. Also available in other languages.

Attitudes and beliefs Attitudes and Beliefs

This article, from Advocates for Youth, has the goal of helping parents share their attitudes and beliefs about sex with their children, by having both parent and child answer questions, then comparing answers.  Also available in other languages.

Building Blocks Building Blocks and Road Blocks to Effective Communication

Produced by Advocates for youth, these tools provide examples of things that support and stall parent communication with their children. Each tool lists a “building block” (e.g., listening) or “road block” (e.g., judging), then gives a definition, as well as a real-world example and situation where this might occur. It also provides examples of ways in which parents can respond to questions in order to open up communication with their children.

Resources for Families Resources for Families on Parent-Child Communication

Compiled by Adovcates for Youth, this PDF contains a list of additional online and printed resources about sex and sexuality for both parents and youth.

sex education Sex Education: Talking to Your Teen About Sex

This website has information from the Mayo Clinic and includes tips for breaking the ice, addressing tough topics, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, and what to do when your teen is sexually active.

aunt sarah's list Aunt Sarah's List: Things We All Need to Say to Teens and Young Adults

Information from the CEO of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy about what teens and young adults need to know.

Talk with your Kids Talk With Your Kids Before Everyone Else Does , from The Kaiser Family Foundation and Children Now

This booklet has tips for talking with your kids about sex and relationships, HIV/AIDS, violence, and alcohol and drugs.

Talking with kids Talking to Kids: A Parents' Guide to Sex Education

This guidebook is from the National Parent Teachers Association (PTA) and offers pointers for parents from the "Talking with Kids" campaign.

Navigating the teen years Navigating the Teen Years: A Parent's Handbook for Raising Healthy Teens

This booklet, produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the "Parents:The Anti-Drug" campaign includes information and advice for parenting healthy teens.

Teen years The Teen Years: A Road Map for Parents (CD)

This CD can be ordered free through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Parent Sex Ed Center Parents as Sex Educators (from Advocates for Youth)

Articles include 'Can We Talk About Abstinence and Contraception OR is it a Mixed Message?' 'Parents and Their Children's Learning About Sexuality.' and 'Sex and Sensibility: A Parent's Take on Advice from an Expert.'

How do I talk to my kids How Do I Talk to My Kids About Sex?

A brochure from the Birds and the Bees Project.  Includes information about why it is important to talk to your kids about sex, when you should talk to your kids, what is age appropriate, and tips for talking with your teen.

Birds and bees The Birds and The Bees Project

A website for teens and parents with information and resources about sex and sexuality, STIs, birth control, abortion, adoption, pregnancy, and parenting.