Information on Safe Sex Practices and Contraception

Sex etc. Sex, Etc.

Produced by Rutgers University, this website contains medically accurate information about sex and sexuality, as well as resources for STI/HIV testing, contraceptives, information about state regulations on teen sexual health care access, etc. Includes topics such as sex, love and relationships, LGBTQ issues, abortion and adoption, abuse and violence, body image, and alcohol and drug abuse, as well as comics, quizzes, FAQs, and a crisis hotline. This website is geared towards teens, but would also be a great resource for parents.

Bedsider Bedsider

Produced by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, this website has information about birth control options. Includes medically accurate information about birth control methods & their side effects, where to obtain birth control, news about access and state regulation information. Includes helpful tools to manage your fertility, including the birth control reminder application, appointment reminder application, and a “best fit” birth control method selector. Geared towards teens, but also helpful for parents.

Teen dating and sex Teens: Dating and Sex

From the American Academy of Pediatrics, this website has a variety of articles on the topic of teen dating and sex, including contraception, talking to teens LGBTQ youth, teen dating violence, and more.

Birds and the Bees The Birds and The Bees Project 

Includes information and resources about sex and sexuality, STIs, birth control, abortion, pregnancy, and parenting.

Condom Fact Sheet Condom Fact Sheet In Brief

From the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this fact sheet has information on the importance of consistent and correct condom use, including steps for using a condom.

Tips for talking about contraception Tips for Talking with Sexually Active Teens About Contraception

From Advocates for Youth, this website presents information for parents on talking with teens about contraception options.




More Information About HIV/AIDS and STDs

How can HIV be prevented How Can HIV be Prevented?

From the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this website includes information on prevention of HIV including how to locate an HIV testing site.


HIV Prevention HIV Prevention

From AIDS Healthcare Foundation, this website presents information on how to prevent HIV transmission, condom use, and what to expect during an HIV test.



STDs from CDC Sexually Transmitted Diseases

From the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this website presents information various sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS and others.