Resources for Parents/Guardians with Adolescents

  • Understanding the Importance of Sex Education

    Resources to help parents/guardians understand the importance of sex education.

  • Websites Especially for Adolescents

    Websites designed for adolescents on the topic of sexual health.

  • Information on Adolescent Development

    Websites and books on normal adolescent growth and development, including sexual health.

  • Healthy Teen Relationships and Teen Dating Violence

    Information on what healthy relationships look like. 

  • Information on Safe-Sex Practices and Contraception

    Resources on safe-sex and options for contraception, including information on HIV/AIDS and STDs.

  • Talking With Your Adolescent About Development and Safe Sex

    Resources to help parents/guardians talk with their teens about development and safe-sex practices.

  • Teen Dating Violence

    Information on how to recognize teen dating violence. Also includes resources for talking to teens about dating violence.